Utralikavu Temple

Uthralikkavu (ml:ഉത്രാളിക്കാവ്) more formally known as Shri Rudhiramahakalikav (ml:ശ്രീ രുധിരമഹാകാളികാവ്) is a Hindu temple situated at Wadackanchery in Thalappilly taluk of Thrissur district in Kerala, South India. The temple is famed for its Pooram festival held during February / March every year.

The temple

Uthralikkavu temple is some two kilometers away in the direction of north from Wadackanchery on the Kodungallore-Shoranur state highway. Just aside the Thrissur – Shoranur Railway line, amidst the paddy fields and surrounded by a chain of highlands and hills, the temple compound forms a rather arena-like stage where the Pooram and its associated features such as elephant procession, fireworks, percussion orchestra etc. would be held. Despite the fact that the temple is rather small in size compared to its counterparts in Kerala and that it is located at an isolated rural part of the district, during the festival season, the temple and the village raises to media attraction and news fame.

The Festival

The Uthralikkavu festival is conducted during early summer every year. The festival flag-hoisting (koTiyEtam കൊടിയേറ്റം) takes place on the second Tuesday of Kumbha (കുംഭമാസം) Month (of Malayalam Kollam era). (This is the same day when another important local festival, Machadu Mamankam(മച്ചാട് മാമാങ്കം), takes place. Towards the end of following seven days, on next Tuesday, as part of the valedictory functions, the actual Pooram is conducted.
Pooram is a Kerala Hindu ritual festival in which, generally caparisoned elephants are led in a controlled and organized procession. At Uthralikkavu Pooram, three teams, each from neighboring village temples EnkakkavuKumaranellur andWadackanchery particiapate. Each team normally presents seven to eleven elephants, all decorated with traditional trunk masks (netippaTTam നെറ്റിപ്പട്ടം), shields (aalavaTTamആലവട്ടം) and fans(veNchaamaram വെൺചാമരം). The elephant positioned at the middle will also have a large plaque (thiTamp തിടമ്പ് or kOlam കോലം)on its top which represents the deity.

Apart from the elephant procession, at Uthralikkavu, there also held are Kuthira Vela (A procession with Wooden Horse) and a variety of such other events dedicated by various communities.

One of the crucial components of pooram is the set of percussion orchestra (Panchavadyam, Melam etc.). Particularly, ‘naTappura’ (നടപ്പുര) panchavadyam is a noteworthy session of percussion performance by the leading Panchavadyam artists of Central Kerala.

The most spectacular show during the Pooram is the magnificent and thunderous fireworks that takes place during the early morning hours of succeeding day (typically at 4.00 am). The fireworks is of a class of its own among such fireworks shows of Kerala temple festivals. The peculiar landscape (of being a low valley surrounded by many hills) adds extra reverberation and reinforcement to the already well-engineered explosive sounds produced. The show is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people gathered from various parts of the state.

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My College

The Government Engineering College Thrissur (GECT or Thrissur Engineering College) is a technical education institute in KeralaIndia. It is the second oldest engineering college established in Kerala and the first engineering college to be established after the formation of Kerala State. The college is affiliated to the calicut university.In 2009, Mint (newspaper) rated GECT among the top 50 government engineering colleges in India.Reccaanit gave an Excellent grade to the college during its survey of engineering colleges in Kerala for 2009.


The college was initially located at the Maharaja Technological Institute Chembukkavu campus in 1957. The foundation stone of the college was laid by the late Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, on 26 April 1958. The college shifted to its present campus in October 1960. The college was formally inaugurated by late Pattom A. Thanu PillaiChief Minister of Keralaon 2 February 1962.

The campus is spread over an area of 120 acres (0.49 km2) and is located at Ramavarmapuram which is 5 km from the heart of Thrissur town and 6 km from Thrissur Railway station.

Prof. S. Rajaraman, a civil engineer and author of engineering books, was the first Principal. He, along with Prof. M. P. Mathew and Prof. V. S. Nair (the then Head of the Departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering respectively) formed the triumvirate that gave the college a strong footing and set the pace for the further growth of the college.


The the following undergraduate programmes are offered, and admission to these programs is based on the applicant’s results of the entrance tests conducted by the Commissionerate of Entrance Examinations, Kerala.


  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Production Engineering,
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering,
  • Computer Science and Engineering,
  • Architecture.

The following postgraduate programmes are offered:



  • Environmental Engineering (Civil),
  • Water Resources and Hydro Informatics (Civil),
  • Production Engineering (Mech),
  • IC Engines and Turbo Machinery (Mech),
  • Power Electronics (EEE),
  • Power Systems Engineering (EEE),
  • Process Control (Chemical),
  • Manufacturing Systems Management (Production),
  • Communication Engineering and Signal Processing (ECE),

Admission to M.Tech Programmes are based on applicant’s results in the GATE conducted by IITs and IISc. Separate entrance is basis for MCA admissions.

Phd Programmes under University of Calicut

  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering.

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